About us

About us

After years of watching people suffer with acne and having children whom also suffered from acne, we started to research different options and experiment with natural and organic products. Once the research and trials were completed, ACNE-OIL™ was finally born.

Why the name ACNE-OIL™?

The reason we chose the name ACNE-OIL™ is that we wanted our name to depict exactly what our product is; it’s an oil and it helps with acne, so what better name to choose? The name tells people exactly what the product is and what it is used for.

The product was developed in Durban, South Africa and offered on the market in January 2019.  After almost two years of being on the market, ACNE-OIL™ has more than proven itself as an effective treatment for acne. It has also proven effective in reducing those nasty dark marks caused from previous acne and even though it won’t help to remove acne scars, it does tend to improve the overall texture of the skin which often helps to make scars less visible.

The Truth

ACNE-OIL™ really does work for most people. Unfortunately, there have been a few cases (+/- 1 in every 200 people) for whom ACNE-OIL™ has not proven effective. However, with a 98% + success rate, what more could we ask for.

At ACNE-OIL™ our main priority is our customers’ well-being and helping people to rid themselves of acne. We truly appreciate the devastating effects of acne and how it can easily destroy one’s confidence and self-image. We make every effort to respond to customer queries within 24 hours and where necessary we refer customer to medical professionals.

We are currently working on various other projects to increase the exposure of ACNE-OIL™ such as affiliate programs which will allow accredited resellers to sell ACNE-OIL™. We are also expanding our availability of the product by supplying more health stores and pharmacies in and around South Africa. For more information, please feel free to contact us at

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